We’re also startup investors!

Unlike most private software service companies, our CEO has pledged to never be the highest-paid person at JetBridge, freeing up our capital to invest in other startups.

Our Portfolio:

Thanks to our deep networks of VCs in Silicon Valley, JetBridge software developers were able to invest in SpaceX while still private.

We were early investors in the leading delivery brand and “Super App” of Latin America.

We were the first investor in the “Lending Club of India”.

We’re honored to be seed investors alongside the great Peter Thiel and Joe Lonsdale.

We assembled the founding team and actively advise as well.

Acquired by DoorDash.

Siempre is one of the fastest growing tequila brands in North America and we were honored to join the three founders as they prepare for international expansion. Unlike many new alcohol brands, Siempre farms their own agave plants and creates their own “juice” which continues to win awards at spirit competitions.

We went here for lunch every day in San Francisco at our second startup DoctorBase. So, why not?

IoT devices for short term rentals.

We were investors as well as software architecture advisors.

Invoice-based CRM for the Scandinavian market.

JetBridge is the leading software development shop in the outsourcing/outstaffing market. We've created unicorns, invested in unicorns and mentor the most ambitious and talented developers around the World.