Junior Manual QA Engineer

Location:  Kyiv, Ukraine

Job Description

A group of San Francisco entrepreneurs were not satisfied with the way outsourcers treated developers, so we created JetBridge - a new kind of software house where a developer can 5x their skills development and 10x their professional network versus a traditional outsourcer. We only work with long term, well-funded startups in Silicon Valley that give our developers immediate exposure to exciting projects. We're big believers in coaching developers and introducing them to our large network of senior IT executives through our 23 years of working in Silicon Valley. Want to be an IT superstar? JetBridge is a Silicon Valley company operating in Ukraine and is hiring a Junior Manual QA Engineer.

At JetBridge, we create disruptive product strategy, and translate big ideas into experiences that delight. As a JetBridge employee, you will be part of a company that values your work and gives you the tools you need to succeed. Our office is in UNIT.City, Innovation park, in Kyiv, but this position can be remote as well, based on your experience.


    We provide a strong salary, paid trips to San Francisco including sponsorship of visa application, and most importantly - an opportunity to become a valuable member of a fast growing IT company

ROLE 👩🏽‍💻👨‍💻

    Passion for constantly improving new products and features

    Taking part in planning & running test suites

    Evaluating performance and functionality

    Taking an artsy approach to software products

    Partnering with tech team through testing strategy, findings, and continuous product improvement

    Being open for constant mentorship and support by our tech team throughout the workflow

    Adding a touch of creativity to web dev


    Experience: You are a tech geek with a well rounded software development and UI outlook

    Product focused: You are passionate about building elegant and beautiful product

    Problem solver: You excel at understanding and solving complex problems. You have astonishing attention to detail

    Quality communicator: You can confidently break down tricky topics in writing and in person

    Surprisingly efficient: You get a lot done quickly, and can translate your skills into new processes that your team will follow

    Leadership: You will rapidly grow into a company leader. You will build company culture and help shape our future


    At JetBridge, we deeply understand how to build products that people love

    We incorporate fun and play

    We infuse magic and joy

    We make experiences that amaze and delight

    For us, emotive design is not some afterthought. It is a core part of our strategy