Marketing Intern (Paid Position)
$500 - 700
Kyiv / Wroclaw
Marketing Intern (Paid Position)
$500 - 700
About JetBridge
About JetBridge
Company size: 10+ people
We used a variety of offshore developers to build our two startups (Five9, DoctorBase) and over the years we built a framework for closing the performance gap between offshore developers and Valley engineers. In 2016 we moved from SF to Eastern Europe to teach everything we know about building engaging software that makes founders successful.
Brief Job Description

A group of San Francisco entrepreneurs were not satisfied with the way outsourcers treated developers, so we created JetBridge - a new kind of software house where a developer can 5x their skills development and 10x their professional network versus a traditional outsourcer. We only work with well-funded startups in Silicon Valley as well as enterprises that give our developers immediate exposure to exciting projects. We're big believers in coaching developers and introducing them to our large network of senior IT executives through our 23 years of working in Silicon Valley.

At JetBridge, we create disruptive product strategy, and translate big ideas into experiences that delight. As a JetBridge employee, you will be part of a company that values your work and gives you the tools you need to succeed. Our management is in San Francisco, tech team - in Kyiv (UNIT.City Innovation Park) and we are opening an office in Wrocław.

Must Have
Fluent English
Strong Work Ethic
Fast learner
Nice To Have
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Your Role
Learning new PPC management techniques and managing PPC consoles.
Provide analytics and your insights for campaign performance improvement.
Learn the latest SEO and Social Media marketing trends (JetBridge pays for all educational materials and select conferences).
Help manage Google ad campaigns.
Help manage Facebook, LinkedIn ad campaigns.
Learn email marketing techniques and deploy them for our client.
What you don’t know, we can teach you. You must be a hardworking, ethical learner with high degree of English.
Our networks in Silicon Valley and beyond will become your networks over time (trusted relationships take time to develop but we are willing to give you exposure).
An open, honest workplace where ideas and criticism of the founders and CEO are welcome.

Why Work With Us?

Adam Szeptycki

Adam Szeptycki - CTO

Working at JetBridge has opened an entirely new world for me. Three years ago I was just another iOS developer. After working with the team here, I got the opportunity to build backends in Python using serverless architecture and frontends in React. I also learned a lot about how investment works and what can make or break a startup. I helped people to start their career in tech and was blessed to watch how fast they grew with us. Now I have friends at Facebook, Google, and Intercom. However, the most important thing for me is that we've built a team that is passionate about building products, open communication, and responsibility.



Experience the best value in hi-tech talent with the combination of Silicon Valley founders and our extensive network of Eastern European talent.