Senior HR Manager

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Senior HR Manager
About JetBridge
About JetBridge
Company size: 50+ people
We are the best international developers in the market, period. JetBridge is a new model of organizing software engineers where a developer can 3x their skills and 10x their professional network versus a traditional outsourcer. We only work with well-funded startups and enterprises in Silicon Valley that give our developers immersion in projects that demand technical and architectural excellence.
Brief Job Description

We’re looking for a senior HR recruiter that is familiar with the EU and CEE markets and can help manage our growing HR & recruitment teams. You will enjoy a competitive compensation package and cutting edge tools that we built in-house to automate and scale your best practices. You will also have unprecedented access to a growing, proprietary database of software developers that goes far beyond traditional LinkedIn Recruiter or X-Ray searches.

Must Have
Proven experience recruiting IT professionals
Experience with establishing company brand image
Ability to manage client relationships
We make significant investments into the personal and career growth of our people, so being a mentor-minded leader is a must-have trait for this position.
Your Role
Find and recruit developers and designers or other IT professionals as JetBridge expands into other verticals (sales, marketing, dev ops)
Manage and mentor junior to mid-level HR people.
Create a brand strategy to attract best people.
Help arrange hackathons and meetups to further distribute our brand and be involved in the local IT communities.
Help make decisions regarding the future of our HR strategies, hiring new HR staff and with regards to the future direction of the company.
Helping onboard new clients and developers.
Manage client communications and expectations
We will provide you, to the best of our skills and financial abilities, provide a platform where you can excel as an HR executive.
Our networks in Silicon Valley and beyond will become your networks over time (trusted relationships take time to develop but we are willing to give you exposure).
An open, honest workplace where ideas and criticism of the founders and CEO are welcome.
A fast-paced workplace environment, demanding clients and high-performing team members - all who will demand that you bring your intellectual best and operate at the highest levels of professionalism with JetBridge’s roster of high-profile clients.

Why Work With Us?

Adam Szeptycki

Adam Szeptycki - CTO

Working at JetBridge has opened an entirely new world for me. Three years ago I was just another iOS developer. After working with the team here, I got the opportunity to build backends in Python using serverless architecture and frontends in React. I also learned a lot about how investment works and what can make or break a startup. I helped people to start their career in tech and was blessed to watch how fast they grew with us. Now I have friends at Facebook, Google, and Intercom. However, the most important thing for me is that we've built a team that is passionate about building products, open communication, and responsibility.


JetBridge is the leading software development shop in the outsourcing/outstaffing market. We've created unicorns, invested in unicorns and mentor the most ambitious and talented developers around the World.