We Make Pitching Easy(er)

We’re founders and creators ourselves, so we’ll always be on the side of Founders, not VCs. This is an important credo for JetBridge culture.

1) What’s you big idea if you were forced to put it into 10 words or less?


2) What’s you big idea if you were forced to put it into 500 words or less?


3) What was wrong with the World (or Industry) before your invention?

4) Why is now the best time for your invention to grow?

5) Assume your invention is mega successful. How has human behavior changed because of your product/service?

6) Who is your closest competitor(s)?

7) This company would be foolish to not want to buy your company:

8) The most likely good outcome for your company is:

9) What’s the next big milestone for your startup to achieve?

10) How much money do you need to get to the above stated milestone?

11) Your email?

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