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About JetBridge
We’re software outsourcers that have previously built successful software product companies (Five9, DoctorBase) and are early investors in hypergrowth startups (SpaceX, Rappi). We focus on B2B SaaS and B2B2C mobile software development with lean, fast teams.
Model & Approach
We believe that while emerging economies have an abundance of software developers only 2.5% of them are "commercially ready" even in the brightest zones, and that elite developers don’t lurk on marketplaces looking for work. In the past we have worked with various HR recruiters and outsourcers - very few met our standards of quality we became accustomed to in Silicon Valley.

While far from perfect, we believe our methods are the current "state of the art" for recruiting the top developers in emerging IT economies. We work with our client partners in either of three ways:
We find, recruit and screen developers for your inhouse CTO/VPE who will manage them directly. JetBridge handles all payments, accounting and taxes on behalf of the hired developer, and provides anything from local health insurance options to laptops, company branded hoodies and even commercial office space should these be desired at some point in time.
Our fee is Developer Salary + 25% of salary (similar to UpWork's fee structure).
We find, recruit and screen developers and JetBridge's CTOs/VPEs manage them onsite ourselves.
Our fee is Developer Salary x 2 (similar to Toptal's fee structure).
From time to time a VC firm will ask us to conduct technical due diligence on a later stage startup (Series A and beyond) or we will conduct a technical audit before a purchase by a larger entity or PE firm.
Our fee is $165/hour.
Due Diligence On Us:
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Our technical & soft-skills lectures can be found here
We have planned for slow growth so that we do not sacrifice quality. We have very little client churn so do not require term commitments of any kind.

We ask for a $1,500 per developer deposit (fully refundable if we do not find a developer within 60 calendar days) which can be applied to the first month’s payment. We ask for two months in advance to avoid any chance of defaulting on our developers. We reserve the right to refuse any client or project. Enterprise references available upon request.


John Sung Kim
John Sung Kim
Adam Szeptycki
Adam Szeptycki
JetBridge is the leading software development shop in the outsourcing/outstaffing market. We've created unicorns, invested in unicorns and mentor the most ambitious and talented developers around the World.