How We Partner With Your Organization

We work with clients in any combination below

Elite Software Development

Many investors don't appreciate how difficult it is to hire A+ dev talent in this labor market.

For select clients our principals become a part of your team with industry-leading speed and the highest architectural quality. Our principal software engineers have coded apps used by millions, raised tens of millions in funding and defended code in M&As.


If you hired outsourcers without having a strong internal CTO yourself - do you know what their code quality is? Often upon auditing outsourcer's code we find a number of security vulnerabilities and "spaghetti code" that explains why new features "take so long."

Our CTO-as-a-Service drives maximum results from your existing outsourcer as we audit your code base and then manage your outsourced team for you. Like magic, proper management makes your outsourcer much faster.

Recruitment & HR

We're developers ourselves - not HR people - so we test-task and pair-program for every candidate we consider, even paying developers for their test time.

If you're looking for offshore developers to augment your existing team and don't require our management, we have an extensive network of developers across Eastern Europe with higher standards than a typical head-hunter.