Software Outsourcing Is Broken

We're an international community of 1,913 senior tech leads, managed by a founding team that has created over $10B in software market cap and angel invested in 2 unicorns.

We’re not creating another marketplace.
We’re building a movement.

Even the biggest recruiting firms can’t assess technical skills and marketplaces attract the bottom 50% of the talent pool. Our clients come to us when they need the world’s truly elite engineers, because in today’s negative unemployment rate market, our model is the only thing that works to attract the best international talent at scale.

Our Unique Approach

JetBridge attracts engineers with competing offers from Facebook, Stripe, MongoDB (and others) with a unique value proposition -

We provide an opportunity for our software engineers to learn angel & equity investing.

Our developers work directly for clients, but each week they get a chance to learn about personal investing and conduct technical due diligence on startup investments (for which they get a “carry“ fee).

Our model is to charge clients the developer’s salary + X% (depending on number of developers) which covers payroll for our HR staff and investment capital (whose profits are shared amongst developers to attract elite talent).

Our Ideal Client Profiles (ICP)

ICPs are Series B to post IPO companies (Series A if a strong technical leader is part of the founding team), and enterprises in fintech or healthcare where we can leverage our domain expertise.

We work with seed stage startups where we can both invest as angels and place developers.

Due to the nature of the marketplace for high-end developers, we’re forced to restrict our ICP in order that we can best curate both supply and demand sides.


John Sung KimCEO

  • Former CEO: Five9, DoctorBase
  • Angel Investor: Rappi, SpaceX

Adam SzeptyckiCTO

  • Helped Build Toptal
  • European Space Agency

Mischa SpiegelmockTechnical Co-Founder

  • Former CTO: DoctorBase
  • Engineer: LiveJournal, Lexy

Daria KruglovaHR Manager