From LLMs to DevOps

We’ve created over $5 billion in successful B2B software products as Developer-Founders. We have a 20 year track record of recruiting elite engineering teams within budget, and building commercially successful software used by thousands of businesses.

Our Model

  • Engineers - not recruiters - do the recruiting at JetBridge.
  • We conduct 2.5 hour live pair programming with developers before we present them to you - saving you dozens of hours of collective interview time per hire.
  • Our pass rates for developers range between 2.5 to 9% - meaning most developers fail our technical test phase. In comparison - in marketplaces and outsourcing companies - the pass rates are over 90% (they’ll accept anyone that can reverse a string or cheat on a take home test).
  • With over 62k developers in our ecosystem, we hold hackathons and MeetUps across: Brazil, Colombia, Poland, and Ukraine to source the most capable talent at wages 30% - 50% lower than US labor (and historically stay at your company 2.25x as long).
Layton Wedgeworth's post

Many International Developers That Represent Value Are Not on LinkedIn

Investing locally into networks and events is how JetBridge accesses elite talent across LATAM and CEE that are not accessible to most recruiting agencies in the USA.

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The Funnel Math of Hiring the Absolute Elite Internationally

JetBridge ATS statisticsActual screenshot from our ATS


John Sung Kim

John Sung KimCEO

  • Former CEO: Five9, DoctorBase
  • Angel Investor: Rappi, SpaceX
Adam Szeptycki

Adam SzeptyckiCTO

  • Helped Build Toptal
  • European Space Agency
Mischa Spiegelmock

Mischa SpiegelmockTechnical Co-Founder

  • Former CTO: DoctorBase
  • Engineer: LiveJournal, Lexy