We’re Recruiters Who Code

While most recruiters are late adopters in Moore’s Curve of Adoption, JetBridge recruiters are former tech leads who have built enterprise software and are active in the AI developer communities.

That means we build proprietary generative AI tools like RecruiterGPT that allow for a 72% reduction in recruitment back office costs.

1 Petabyte Of Data.
Unlimited Connections.

Most recruiters only have 3 degrees of connections on LinkedIn, or rely on jobs ads they arbitrage with non-experts in your industry reviewing candidates.

JetBridge recruiters have access to an unlimited number of degrees of separation to search candidates on LinkedIn, and have access to our proprietary datasets on candidate emails, phone numbers, social media and multi-country background checks.

100% Realtime Transparency

What do Recruiters do all day after you sign their contract?

At JetBridge you’ll get our “GodView” feature that shows you how your recruiters are working to source and fill your positions in realtime, down to the minute.

No Deposit. No Commitments. No Exclusives.

While traditional agencies demand guaranteed fees, JetBridge makes it incredibly easy and confident for Clients -

  1. Take an initial screening interview with us.
  2. If we accept your as a Client, you owe us no guaranteed fees.
  3. We will fill the position 2x as quickly as competing recruitment agencies at 1/2 the fees (or less).
  4. If we don’t you owe us nothing.