Anyone Can Join A Marketplace.
And That’s The Problem.

While there’s no shortage of labor marketplaces or outsourcing agencies, we believe those traditional models no longer work to attract commercially competent engineers.

“Elite developers don’t want to work on a dentist’s genius idea with no benefits or inspiring tech lead to mentor them. That’s why marketplaces aren’t ideal to hire good developers.”

Adam Szeptycki
CTO @JetBridge
Previously @Toptal @EuropeanSpaceAgency
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John Sung Kim

John Sung KimCEO

  • Former CEO: Five9, DoctorBase
  • Angel Investor: Rappi, SpaceX
Adam Szeptycki

Adam SzeptyckiCTO

  • Helped Build Toptal
  • European Space Agency
Mischa Spiegelmock

Mischa SpiegelmockTechnical Co-Founder

  • Former CTO: DoctorBase
  • Engineer: LiveJournal, Lexy