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Our Developer Handbook

We are the best developers in the international market. Full stop.

In a World where everyone claims to hire “top developers”, our technical tests are live pair programming sessions (which is the only way to accurately measure capabilities) and we give a majority of the money Clients pay us to the developers (which is the only way to economically compete for elite engineers).

While this sounds simple, most software houses and outsourcing companies give easy take-home tests to assess skills and pay developers a minority of the Client fees collected.

And since most recruiters don’t know the difference between Java and JavaScript, at JetBridge even our recruiters can code.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


We’re here to disrupt software staffing/recruiting through a proven Silicon Valley framework for finding and mentoring superstars.


While most software staffing companies in the international market are owned by local oligarchs or single owners, at JetBridge we want to spread our model of an employee-owned company and the importance of equity.


“Reputation is more important than money.”
Too many potentially great careers have been sacrificed for the belief that the World is so big that money or convenience is more important than reputation. Time always proves them wrong.

Our Core Ethics

We treat everyone as equals. One of the reasons we created the concept of JetBridge is that as minorities ourselves, we got sick of watching Western companies treat international developers like “Cheap Offshore Labor”.

We treat all developers and recruiters like one Silicon Valley company with:

  • Competitive Base Salary plus bonuses.
  • Paid Time Off and emergency sick days.
  • 100% 401k match (yes, we offer 401k retirement plans even if you’re not American).
  • Health Plan.
  • Opportunities for startup angel investments (using company profits, not your own money)(we have invested in 2 unicorns thus far and plan many more).
  • Free accounting and legal services for tax optimization or relocation to another country.
  • Assistance with visas and relocation (including accountants and lawyers).
  • Equity ownership in the company if promoted to Core Team Member (eligible to any gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, etc).

Indicator Flags (How We Can Predict Your Career)

Green Flags (some indicators of future superstars)

  • Shows up to interviews and meetings having done their own research (into people, project, company, industry, blogs, etc).
  • Asks granular, tough questions. You’re a challenger.
  • Answers questions with data, not history lessons or meandering history lessons.
  • Is available (not necessarily working) when needed by the team or client by responding quickly.
  • Consistently suggest ideas (even bad ones with the understanding that eventually, one of them will be great).
  • Complains but follows up with an idea on how to fix it.
  • Takes notes.
  • Asks us about books to read.
  • Consistently asks others, “Need help with anything?”
  • Wants to learn new technologies.
  • Tried building a product before on their own.
  • Communicates using the Pyramid Principle (and knows what this is).

Red Flags (some indicators of future mediocrity)

  • Just read about the Pyramid Principle and has no desire to do a Google search on what it is.
  • Accepts all pull requests.
  • Doesn’t voice opinions to Clients (even when Clients are wrong) because “It’s not my company” or “Why take the risk?”
  • Asks tech leads questions they can find out for themselves using ChatGPT or Perplexity.
  • Asks no questions, offers no help, indicates neutral opinions on all matters except those that affect their pay or holiday schedule.
  • Offers history lessons and thinking-out-loud monologues when asked questions whose answers involve a number or a date.
  • Complains with no ideas suggestions to fix the issue.
  • Money is the only driver.
  • Thinks Americans “work too hard” and “Europe is much more sensible”.

Soft Skills

In addition to technical skills, at JetBridge we want to continue to educate you on how to become better at “soft skills” which we define as:

  • Adapting winning, modern belief systems that are competitive for the global talent market.
  • Developing and improving skills in the art of communication.

Most software houses have developers who mostly suck at soft skills. At JetBridge, you will master them and use these skills throughout your lifetime to maximize your earning potential and career opportunities.

Building successful software is about much more than writing code, and communicating effectively has been shown to vastly improve all aspects of any project.

Would you like to start your own business one day?

Most developers stay at JetBridge 2.4x longer than the industry average for developer tenures, and we’re very proud of that. But nothing would make us happier than to watch you leave JetBridge one day and launch your own company.

We can provide:

  • Funding (be your first angel investor).
  • A network of VIP advisors (maybe even your first customers).

10 Rules of Professionalism at JetBridge:

  • Embrace massive accountability. Never say “That’s not fair” or “That’s not my fault” (even if it’s true).
  • Act as if the people on your team and your tech lead are people whose future recommendations you will need.
  • Eliminate distractions during work time.
  • Don’t cheat on your hours - you’re not just cheating our Client, you’re cheating your teammates.
  • Voice your opinion if something is wrong.
  • Voice your opinion if you have a better way to do something.
  • Be critical but have suggestions to fix the problem.
  • Ask questions. People will help you.
  • Be available on Slack for anything urgent.
  • Always follow up.

Our Two Core Beliefs

Software development is a craft, not just a job.

Reputation is more important than money.

Congratulations! If you’ve read all the way to the bottom, you’ve already shown a green flag for diligence. We want to build something great together - Let’s Make It Happen.