About Us

We're an elite group of computer scientists and product marketers from San Francisco who have built software used by millions. We moved to Ukraine to build the first "Value-Added Outsourcer," training the best young talent to think as entrepreneurs and not IT laborers, working shoulder-to-shoulder with them for our Clients.

John Sung KimCEOFounder and CEO of Five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN) and DoctorBase (acquired by Kareo). 22 years of experience in product virality design. Consultant to numerous VC-backed companies who have had an IPO, acquisition or Series A.
Adam SzeptyckiCTOHas published six commercially successful mobile apps and has worked on large scale B2B projects. Winner of multiple hackathons and has a passion for code competitions.
Mischa SpiegelmockCo-founder, ArchitectFounding CTO at DoctorBase (acquired by Kareo) and former developer at LiveJournal. Open-source contributor, speaker, author.
Dmitry SpiridonovCountry LeadGraduate of the French Ecole 42 computer science program. Talented front-end and mobile developer. Speaks fluent English, Russian, Ukrainian and Hungarian.
Anna MedvedevaSoftware DeveloperGraduate of the French Ecole 42 computer science program. Loves front-end development as well as graphic design & illustration. Speaks fluent English, Russian, Ukrainian.
Scott Locklin, PhDPrincipal Machine Learning ScientistBlockchain expert and former Lawrence Berkeley National Labs physicist who worked on enterprise machine learning projects for over 10 years. Core developer of the Brave ICO which raised $35 million in 30 seconds.