Our Model

Exclusivity Ensures Quality

In early 2020 we saw a need for a more restrictive IT labor marketplace where customers were pre-qualified and engineers were technically tested live with one of our senior tech leads.

Customers must have raised $4M or more from Tier 1 or Tier 2 investors and engineers go through a soft skills interview plus a 90 minute pair programming with a Principal Architect at our firm.


How We Attract Global Engineers Just As Good As Silicon Valley’s.

Unlike traditional labor marketplaces which have difficulty competing for the top 25% of the talent pool, JetBridge offers the best international engineers a suite of traditional American benefits and Customers a white-glove turnkey HR service:

  • International payments to engineers made in USD (gives customers more buying power)
  • Setting up tax-friendly shells for engineers as per country (gives customers more buying power)
  • Healthcare benefits (health insurance or health savings accounts which work in most countries)
  • Retirement planning and retirement savings match (International version of a 401k)
  • US travel for on-sites or engineer relocation
  • Background checks and reference verifications (available in 26 countries and 9 languages)
  • Laptop & swag delivery (including provisioning and recovery)

No Commitments Or Upfront Fees

Our platform has extremely low churn by industry standards. To date very few customers have quit the platform, and on average an engineer stays nearly 22 months with a customer.

For customer applicants, there are no up front fees to search and engage with developers on our platform. Depending on the position our fees range from 9% to 28% of the engineers fees net of benefits costs.

Talk to a Sales Engineer (a Tech Lead, not a Recruiter or AE)

Search Our Global Database Of Engineers

With 64,259 detailed software developer profiles and a growing international engineering community in our Slack, we’re happy for hiring managers to surf our database, but please note that attempts to build scrapebots to harvest our data violate our terms of service. Our database is meant for human hiring managers only.