We’re The Best Technical Recruiters In The Industry
Because We Code

Most technical recruiters don’t know the difference between java and javascript, leaving most of the burden of screening and hiring engineers to their Clients.

Our recruiters are tech leads who have built unicorn SaaS products as founders, created digital health platforms with millions of active users, helped create one of the world’s largest talent marketplaces and even helped keep satellites in proper orbit. We have a very high bar for our technical screenings (live pair programming) and currently have a 9% pass rate (blended across multiple positions).

For Domestic Hires (USA)

We save Clients 22 hours of technical interviews

For hiring in the USA, we act as recruiters who conduct the technical interviews on your behalf, relieving you of hours of filtering unsuitable candidates that traditional recruiters can not. We charge a simple flat fee of $15k per position with a 6 month guarantee. If we can’t find someone you hire, you only owe us a flat $500 fee for our technical interviews time.

For International Hires

A system that attracts the global elite talent

For international hires, we act as a complete outstaffing service where the engineers work directly for your team exclusively, but we handle international payments, legal entities per country including taxes and government filings, laptop & swag logistics, and administer health and retirement benefits to each engineer including an international version of a 401k we administer.

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No Fee Guarantees

Unlike traditional recruiting agencies, we don’t lock in our customers with fees. If we don’t find anyone you decide to hire, you’re only obligated for a $500 technical screenings charge which can be used as a credit for future hires through us.

Generative AI Speed

Because we're recruiters who dev, we understand how to leverage modern generative AI tools to run 3x faster than traditional recruiters whose tech stack consists of only LinkedIn, Indeed, an ATS and some Chrome extensions.

6 Month Warranty

While most recruiters offer a 90 day warranty period on new hires, again leaving the technical screening burden onto their Clients, we offer a 6 month warranty where we will source, interview and technically screen new replacement candidates.